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Hi, I'm Trina

For most of my life I have struggled to fit in, but never really understood why. I’ve come to realize that fitting in is overrated! My journey of self discovery and acceptance has lead me to understand that my brain works a bit differently. My goal for this space is to share my experience as a neurodivergent person living in a neurotypical world. I also want to share easy and practical advice to help anyone who may feel similar navigate their life on their own terms.

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sex, drugs, rock n roll 2
Sex, Drugs, & Rock N Roll Part 2
It wasn’t too surprising that the guy who ended up with my heart was an aspiring rock star. Music had become a passion, and anyone involved in that world...
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Sex, Drugs, Rock and Roll
Sex, Drugs, & Rock N Roll part 1
As you can probably gather from the title, we have arrived at the out-of-control self-discovery section of my story. I’ve really struggled to decide what...
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Family Drama
How to Destroy A Family
Growing up in a large Italian Catholic family was something that shaped who I am today. It wasn’t just holidays and birthdays that we were together. We...
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Teen Angst
Through My Wonderful Teenage Years
Oh, the teen angst phase. Isn’t that every parent’s favorite LOL! If you haven’t already check out the post that highlights my early childhood experience...
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Well I’m probably going to ruffle some feathers with this post. We’re talking religious trauma… YEP better buckle up buttercup. Let me start by saying,...
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post 1
in my own little world
For the first several posts, I want to pull back the sheet and tell my story. Maybe that’s a bit on the main character syndrome scale… but hey… this is...
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